Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gorgeous Go Green!!

Sorry dear!
NONE of the below are available.
Just forgot to update you guys..hoho.

Hi eco-shopper!

Do you know that the Selangor State Government
has awarded every Saturday as "No Plastic day" in most hypermarkets/retailers?
No ? Yes ? I don't care ??

Whatever your answer might be, we don't really care.
But what we really care about is to SAVE YOU
with our Super Smart Sack.

Functional, strong, and easy to carry, Super Smart Sack is the symbol of eco-friendly convenience.
Moreover, you can fold it into a palm size pouch & keep it in your purse, briefcase, car or pocket.
The Super Smart Sack can be used everyday, for everything.

So let's be smart & get your Super Smart Sack NOW!
*Batteries are not included.

Smart Sack only at RM 8.99/pcs

Comes in 5 different design
More design/inspired photo HERE

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